biliary stents

  • 胆道支架

biliary stents的用法和样例:


  1. The success rate of ERC was 88. 8% (95/107) , that of nasobiliary catheter placement 94% (64/68) , biliary stent placement 88. 5% (23/26).
  2. The author reported the experience in caring 90 obstructive jaundice patients undergoing biliary stent placement by endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography(ERCP).
  3. Abstract:Objective:To explore the method and effect of primary closure of choledochostomy with placement of a modified biliary stent after common bile duct exploration.
  4. Fifty-four patients died before April,2006,average survival time was 7.6 months in 75 patients,the patients of PTCD only were 5.8 months,the patients of combined with biliary stent were 9.5 months.
  5. The shortest time after stenting in the side- hole trestle is 76d,the time for the Christmas tree-trestle and the blockage of biliary stents is 148d and the longest time is 312d.
    带侧孔支架堵塞时间最短76d,圣诞树 支架堵塞时间最短148d,最长312d。
  6. Endoscopic biliary stent insertion
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