bile duct ligation

  • 胆道结扎

bile duct ligation的用法和样例:


  1. Methods Sixty SD rats were divided into bile duct ligation(BDL) group, cimetidine therapy (BDLC) group and sham operation(SO) group respectively.
    方法 将SD大鼠60只随机均分成胆总管结扎切断 (BDL)组、西咪替丁治疗 (BDLC)组和假手术对照组 3组。
  2. Methods Neonatal dogs were performed bile duct ligation (BDL group, n=22) or bile duct ligation/scission (BDL/S group, n=22).
  3. Objective To analyze the influence of bile duct ligation on the structure and composition of gut Bifidobacteria in SD rats.
  4. Common bile duct ligation was performed on another 3 groups; oral diet was assigned to group B,and TPN with LCT or MCT/LCT were assigned to groups C and D respectively.
    余 3组均行胆总管结扎术 :B组为经口饮食对照组 ,C、D组分别给予以长链 (LCT)或中长链脂肪酸 (MCT/LCT)为脂肪来源的TPN。
  5. Keywords Bombesin;Oxidative stress;Bile duct ligation;Liver;Rats;
  6. Conclusion:Tea oil has a significant protective effect on bile duct ligated rats by decreasing the hepatic damage in morphology and function.

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