bile duct dilator

  • 胆道扩张器

bile duct dilator的用法和样例:


  1. The predict model for CBD stones consists of 5 variables that are ultrasonographically showing CBD stones or bile duct dilation(BDD),aged above 65 years,fever,serum alkaline phosphatase level greater than 121 IU/L and serum amylase level above 100 U/L.
    根据5项指标:B超发现胆总管扩张或胆总管结石、年龄大于65岁、发热、血清碱性磷酸酶>121 IU/L、血清淀粉酶>100 U/L,可预测胆总管结石存在的可能性。
  2. Cholangiography of Mirizzi syndrome revealed a broad, curvilinear impression on the common hepatic duct in the area where the cystic duct or gallbladder was in direct apposition, hepatic bile duct dilation above the level of the cystic duct.
    Mirizzi综合征在胆道造影上的典型表现为 :胆管位于胆囊管或胆囊直接对应之处可见较宽的弧形充盈缺损 ,边缘光滑 ,其上胆管扩张。
  3. Keywords biliary duct pressure;bile duct dilator;biliary duct injury;biliary tract reconstruction;
  4. congenital segmental Bile duct dilatation
  5. common bile duct dilator

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