big area processing

  • 大面积加工

Big area processing的用法和样例:


  1. Processing Printing: Big area Wire Marks, Devolve printing,Surface of rolling, Hot transfer, Blanking processing ,etch, plana curved surface Processing Printing.
  2. This process is one big area high voltage CMOS process which is transferred from the customer and now put in mass production in ASMC.
  3. In surface high grinding, adapts mesh point high accuracy big area printing.
  4. It is a difficult task for shadow and feculent water area processing when extracting water body from remote sensing image by traditional methods.
    摘要 从遥感影像中提取水体的传统方法在阴影处和水体浑浊处存在一定局限;
  5. "It is a big, big area of research," she said. "Everybody is trying to create their own sensor.

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