basle new capital accord

  • 巴塞尔新资本协议

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  1. On Legal Risk in the Context of the Basel New Capital Accord
  2. Basel New Capital Accord and its implication to banking supervision in China
  3. In April 2003,Basel Committee issued the third version of New Capital Accord for comments.
  4. Based on the management tools described in the Basel New Capital Protocol, the writer gives analysis for operational risk losses and works out management models of risk management in the aspects of internal, external, systematical, and personnel.
    通过对国内外商业银行操作风险管理的现状研究,分析了国内商业银行操作风险管理存在的问题和成因。 按照《巴塞尔新资本协议》对操作风险的管理理论,对操作风险损失进行分类评估,建立了内部、外部、系统、人员等类别的风险管理模式。
  5. Answer: Again, the CBRC reaffirms its strong support for the objectives of the New Capital Accord.
    答: 银监会完全支持新资本协议期望实现的各项目标。

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