basis study

  • 基础研究

Basis study的用法和样例:


  1. The experiments result of tension capability and swell capability of water-swell rubber, make up the blankness of base study of water-swell-rubber. 3.
  2. Base on researching literature, we develop the base study about Gemini surfactant is used for "EOR", by reseaching, hope that provide theory support and guidance.
  3. The clinical application of cord blood transplantation mainly depends on base study of hematopoietic cell,including biological activity, collection, retention and infusion of cord blood,and so on.
  4. Thinking on Material Basis Study of Chinese Drugs
  5. The analysis results will offer a base studying a cap suffering from punching and shearing and for computing reinforcing quantity.
  6. Lipidomics, a branch of metabolomics, is a systems based study of all lipids, the molecules with which they interact, and their functions within the cell.
    摘要 脂类组学是代谢组学的一个分支,它是用系统的方法分析所有的脂类,与它们相互作用的分子,以及它们在生物体内的作用的一个研究领域。
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