basis rock

  • 基岩

Basis rock的用法和样例:


  1. Above the Yongchu Waterfall, past the base rock about 20 minutes away, you will reach Wolyeongdae.
  2. Saint Louis based rock band Ludo are set to release......
  3. Two cases of power spectral intensity function for the earthquake acceleration imput at the base rock are considered: the white noise spectrum and filter white noise spectrum.
  4. The major engineering geological problems of US dam site of Laokou Complex include relatively soft base rock lithology,low shear strength and bearing capacity.
  5. Abstract: With the development of dam system works in gully construction, a certain quantity of "wetland"indications in gully have occurred in the area of sediment yield from base rock of loess plateau.
  6. It is well known that the uplift pressure is one of the important loads acting on a dam, and its reduction mainly depends on the cohesion between the dam concrcte and the base rock.
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