basis of wavelet

  • 小波基

basis of wavelet的用法和样例:


  1. In this paper is discussed how to use the method of wavelet package transform to denoise the electromyographic signal on the basis of its feature and its relationship with noise.
  2. Fifth the grads image of manufacture kit is gained on the base of wavelet transform and then image edge can be detected with the use of grads module of image.
  3. Using Mallat algorithm on the basis of wavelet transform and multiresolution analysis(MRA) in connection with traditional FFT,a new speech signal fundamental frequency detection method is presented.
    将基于小波变换与多分辨分析 (MRA)下的Mallat算法与传统的快速傅立叶变换(FFT)相结合 ,提出了一种新的语音信号的基音频率检测方法。
  4. On the basis of wavelet packet decomposition technique introduced firstly, the measured unstable oil-film oscillations of single-disc and single-span rotor system were investigated.
  5. His research formed the basis of his new book.
  6. In the study of brain-computer interfaces,a method based on best basis of wavelet packet decomposition was proposed.The method is used for the feature extraction of electroencephalogram.

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