basis of ethics

  • 伦理学基础

basis of ethics的用法和样例:


  1. On the basis of reviewing the origin and development courses of CSR, this article defines the basic meanings of CSR theoretically from perspective of ethics.
  2. The article also describes the contents of knowing the inside story and consenting, and its basis of ethics and law, and advances a tentative idea and sugg...
  3. This paper discusses how to establish the ethic code of pharmacy in China on the basis of analysis the basic concepts and content of ethic of pharmacy.
  4. In order to overcome the relativism arises from his standpoint of historicism, MacIntyre finally fell back to the dependence of humankind as the base of his theory of ethics.
  5. Article 9 Customs titles shall be conferred on the basis of the customs functionaries' current posts, demonstration of ethic and talent, time of tenancy and time of employment.
  6. As early as late 19th century, western journalistic industry started putting forward with establish every kind of code of ethics, and put them into the base of self-regulation.

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