basis of distribution

  • 分配基础

basis of distribution的用法和样例:


  1. It is wrong to owe the source of surplus value to materialized labour and regard it as the theoretical base of distribution.
  2. The error can be reduced by using altitude observation.In practice the Kalman filter can be decoupled on the basis of distribution of members of CNI system.
    英文摘要: Results of computer simulation show that; communication; navigation and identification (CNI) integerated system has larger estimation error in altitude if there is not any other observation.
  3. Extraction of digital drainage network from DEM(Digital Elevation Models) is the base of distribution hydrological model. The source of DEM are various.
    基于数字高程模型DEM(Digital Elevation Models)提取水系信息,是研究分布式水文模型的基础。
  4. His research formed the basis of his new book.
  5. On the basis of distribution of radioactive elements and geological background , the theory equation of radon exhalation rate is derived from the decay rule of radioactive elements and gas diffusion.
  6. On the basis of analyses of distribution,features of viving condition,vehicle and host of forest encephalitis,this paper focus on the investigation of hatural epidemic-stricken areas of forest encephalitis,and the way of prevention and control of it.

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