basis of coal analysis

  • 煤分析基准

basis of coal analysis的用法和样例:


  1. Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis of Coal Measures Strata in the Tiefa Basin,Liaoning is made on the basis of drill record and mining data.
  2. On the basis of analysis of reflectivity of coal vitrinite, X-diffraction and micro-FTIR, this paper studies the component and the structure of high rank coal.
  3. On the basis of analysis of activated silicon and aluminum components,a new smelting process of Si Al Fe alloy by use of coal spoil for replace a part of bauxite was proposed.
  4. By using this method, the measurement precision has reached the requirement of coal analysis, and a pulse neutron coal fast analyzer has been developed.
  5. On the basis of analysis for chemical reaction characteristics of coal gasifi cation process, a mathematical model for entrained-flow gasifier is e stablished with the reaction balance method.

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