basis change

  • 基底改变

Basis change的用法和样例:


  1. The relationship of transition and transversion of base change in 4-fold degenerate sites of coding genes of 6 proteins, which showed 70% homology in wmposition investigated.
    摘要 以同源性在70%25以上的6组同源蛋白为材料,从系统发生的角度研究发生在四倍简并位点上的转换和颠换的关系。
  2. The article analyzed the reasons that aroused the mean reversion in stock index futures, and the calculation methods of the coefficient of the first-order autocorrelation in basis change.
  3. The solution of optimal lineac programming can be greatly simplified by usingthe continual matrix primary transformation instead of the basis change and iteration in the simplex method.
  4. The difference between black and yellow color in Labrador retrievers stems, for instance, from a single base change that inactivates a signal receptor in the pigment cells of yellow dogs.
  5. Compared with spotted seal sequence in GenBank,no base changes in tRNA~(Arg),whereas there are two transitions in ND4L.
  6. Basis Change and Effect of Hedging in Futures

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