basin group

  • 盆地群

basin group的用法和样例:


  1. Mengnan basin group is situated in the midwest of Inne r Mongolia.
  2. This is in accordance with the structural characteristics of lower Cretaceous and the thermal history of Jiuquan basin group.
    这与酒西盆地及其周围地区 (酒泉盆地群 )下白垩统构造特征和盆地群热演化特征一致。
  3. In brief, in southern belt of southern north China basin group, volcanism and deposition have close relationships with tectonic activities in Dabie orogenic zone and Tanlu fault.
  4. Reservoir rock of Jurassic and lower Cretaceous in Beishan Basin group is mainly feldspathic litharenite and lithic arkose,Secondly is lithic sandstone,Both mineral and textural maturity are poor.
  5. In order to enlarge the field of oil and gas exploration and seek more resources, this paper analyzes the geodynamic condition and basin formation mechanics of Xinganling basin group.
  6. A number of suites of Carboniferous, middle-lower Jurassic and lower Cretaceous hydrocarbon source rocks were developed in the basin groups in the Paleo-Asian and Tethyan structural confluence area.

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