basin filling pattern

  • 盆地充填样式

basin filling pattern的用法和样例:


  1. A basin filled with water for birds to drink and bathe in.
  2. When you view a Visio 2003 drawing that contains shapes that have a fill pattern in Microsoft Windows with High Contrast settings, the shapes may appear to be missing.
    查看包含MicrosoftWindows中有使用高对比度设置,填充图案形状Visio 2003图形时形状可能似乎丢失。
  3. For formation procedure of asymmetry aerofoil component with high rib and thin web, it is difficult to examine laws of fill pattern and laws of metal flow.
  4. The asymmetry between north and south Kuqa basin filling sequences shows that the Cretaceous Kuga depression possesses the characteristics of foreland basins.
  5. The episodic rifting processes of the Tertiary representative rifted basins in East China were revealed on the basis of the basin filling records,tectonic framework and subsidence history.

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