basin and mountain coupling system

  • 盆山耦合系统

basin and mountain coupling system的用法和样例:


  1. The basins and orogene in China continent could be divided into eight main basin and mountain coupling systems.
  2. According to the prototype basin analysis, the geodynamics environment and plate tectonic setting combining with the basin evolution are applied to analyze the basin and mountain coupling systems.
  3. This basin and mountain coupling mechanics model may reasonably interpret the features of the basin structures, basin depression, mountain uplift, lithosphere structure and geothermy in this region.
  4. The oil and gas resources in basin and mountain system emerge from the activity period of basalt magma under the effect of the mantle fluids.
  5. Through analysis on the tectonic significance of the detrital composition of Mesozoic sandstone,the authors discuss the coupling between basin and mountain and the tectonic evolution during Mesozoic in the eastern Qinling and Dabie orogenic belt.

basin and mountain coupling system的相关资料:


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