• n. 巴西利厄斯



  1. "Rigwarl needs a fair amount of mana early-game, Ring of Basilius, Magic Stick or Bottle can boost his early offensive power immensely."
  2. "Buying a few Clarity Potions, Ring of Basilius or Bottle in the beginning of the game will help you cast a few more spells."
  3. "Get Force of Nature early if you plan on leaving the lane to kill neutral creeps. Start with a Ring of Basilius to provide you with mana and armor."
  4. "If you want to neutral creeps, start with Summon Wolves and a Ring of Basilius, which can be used to make Vladmir's Offering later."
  5. "Spawn Spiderlings is both a nuke and pushing spell, so getting items like a Ring of Basilius will provide you with both mana and armor for pushing."
  6. "Thunder Clap is a great skill early game but you may need to invest in regeneration items such as a Bottle, Magic Stick, Ring of Basilius or Void Stone."
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