basilar sulcus of pons

  • 脑桥基底沟

basilar sulcus of pons的用法和样例:


  1. Can steroids reduce the incidence of PON?
  2. Unsymmetric volume of cerebral peduncle and basilar part of pons was revealed on conventional MRI.
  3. Brain CT showed that 3 cases were infarcted in the single basilar part of pons cerebri,infarction in 6 cases occurred in the both basilar parts of pons cerebri,1 case had pontine hemorrhage in the both basilar part.
    头颅CT示 3例单侧桥脑基底部梗死 ,6例为双侧桥脑基底部梗死 ,1例为双侧桥脑基底部出血。
  4. Abstract: Objective To provide the exact dimensions of the intertubercular sulcus of the humerus.
    摘 要: 目的提供详尽的肱骨结节间沟形态资料。
  5. Among 6 cases with pons disease, one had no symptom of pons, four did not conform with any syndrome.

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