basic procedure of archives evaluation

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Basic Procedure of Archives Evaluation的用法和样例:


  1. The example of Quanzhou city is presented subsequently, and basic procedure of site zoning by using this method is brought forward, too.
  2. The basic procedure, the key problems such as equivalent stiffness and damping ratio, the detail design procedure of CFT columns and the main factors related were summarized.
  3. Based on the principles of similarity theory, this paper discusses the process of system simulation and develops the basic procedure of system simulation.
  4. The second is that it discusses the uses of data mining technology in customer evaluation in E-commerce and provides the basic procedures of customer evaluation for E-commerce by data mining technology.
    其次,结合数据挖掘技术对客户价值和客户信用评价问题在电子商务环境下的应用问题进行了阐述。 介绍了数据挖掘技术的简单应用并分析了利用数据挖掘技术进行客户评价的主要步骤有哪些。
  5. The procedures of archives' comprehensive management includes colection, Mcategorizing, sorting, racking and circulation.

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