basic facilities of agricultural productlon

  • 农业生产基础设施

basic facilities of agricultural productlon的用法和样例:


  1. Finally, in a complete basic facilities of the Mastiff Kennel, Li Jia-yao with huge sums of money to Jinzhou to purchase the 13-month "Hong Hai-er.
  2. The nature is to construct basic facilities of oilfield geographic information,and deeply develop,integrate and apply various information resources on that basi...
  3. Hence, the municipal government is making huge investment to foster basic facilities of holiday travel, and striving to make preparations for receiving seashore leisure holiday industry.
  4. To achieve this, Guiyang people are endeavoring to improve basic facilities of water, electricity and gas supply, telecommunication and forestation while constructing smooth and easily accessible transportation in the middle of Guizhou.
  5. Take standardize storage facilities of green food, green vegetables and related means of agricultural production, public works and other ancillary facilities as the main contents of construction.

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