basic coding

  • 绝对编码,基本编码

basic coding的用法和样例:


  1. Gets an instance of the Visual Basic code compiler.
    获取Visual Basic代码编译器的实例。
  2. Method, or any other Visual Basic code.
    方法或任何其他Visual Basic代码。
  3. Property applies only to DLL calls made from Visual Basic code.
    属性只应用于从Visual Basic代码进行的DLL调用。
  4. This code is the basic code for consuming a Web service.
  5. In general, this is not the most effective way to write Visual Basic code.
    通常,这不是编写Visual Basic代码的最有效方法。
  6. The bundle skeleton starts with a Java project, where we can do basic coding work.
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