basic anti-air missile gunner guidelines

  • 基本防空导弹兵指导方针

Basic Anti-Air Missile Gunner Guidelines的用法和样例:


  1. Paying much attention on the basic research of the sea battle field environment, Russia insists in the serial development of the ship to air weapons and has reached the international advanced level in the development field of the ship to air missile.
  2. Zerg currently has the most powerful anti air unit in terms of damage per second, which is the Hydralisk.
  3. The Chopper VX works opposite of the Tengu in that it is Anti Air when on the ground, and attacks ground units when in the air.
  4. Building a few Tengus in the mid game gives you an excellent harassing tool, due to their maneuverability and speed, as well as providing Anti Air.
  5. The standardization of surface to air missile firepower unit mainly resolves the complicacy of the surface to air missile.

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