axonal terminal

  • 轴索末端

axonal terminal的用法和样例:


  1. TIDA neurons were unaffected while NSDA neurons suffered loss of cell bodies and axon terminal DA.
  2. Synaptic vesicles fuse with the presynaptic membrane upon the arrival of an action potential at the presynaptic axon terminal.
  3. Electron microscopic observations showed that some BDA labeled axon terminals made synaptic contact with dendrites labeled with BDA.
  4. The results clearly demonstrated that the reduction of sIPSCs by VEGF was caused by inhibition of GABA release from the presynaptic axonal terminals.
    这些结果提示VEGF是通过突触前轴突末梢电压依赖的钙离子通道(voltage-dependent calcium channels, VDCCs)抑制GABA的释放,同时也提示钾离子通道与VEGF的这一作用无关。
  5. After WGA-HRP was injected into L4 left ventral horn,HRP positive axon terminals were observed in the left MPG and EUS,not in the detrusor.
    WGA HRP注射入脊髓L4左侧前角顺行追踪显示 ,左侧MPG和EUS内有HRP阳性神经末梢。
  6. Conclusions: The decrease of presynaptic inhibition and formation of new synapses by sprouting of afferent axon terminals probably play a role in spasticity of cerebral palsy.

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