axle bush

  • 轴衬

axle bush的用法和样例:


  1. The technique of copper-lead antithrust axle bush is in the lead in China.
  2. The outlet pipe of each pump has an outlet filter to filter out the lube sent to axle bush.
  3. The compensating rings of axle bush are redesigned and interval between impellers and clapboards are adjusted.
    重新设计轴瓦补偿圈 ,调整叶轮与隔板之间的间隙 ;
  4. It has 5 production lines,including an antithrust axle bush line and copper-lead bushelec-troplating line.
  5. High carbon value prevent high sulphur engine axle bush that diesel oil lead to the fact from corrode wearing and tearing.
  6. It is helpful to lubrication analysis of axle bush, and important to the design and strength analysis in high-speed engine.
    本文阐述的方法和结果揭示了用传统的双质量法无法发现的连杆部件惯性力的影响 ,它不仅对连杆轴瓦润滑分析有帮助 ,而且对现代高速发动机的连杆的设计和强度分析也具有工程上的重要意义
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