axle box guard

  • 轴向导板

axle box guard的用法和样例:


  1. The solution could be easily and efficiently implemented through improvement on the design of locomotive axle box linkage.
  2. The line dynamic test and the locomotive operations within one year after the replacement of axle box linkage indicate that the improvement works efficiently.
  3. This system monitors the state of bogie, wheel, axle box, coupler and pantograph based on the the requirements of maintenance.
  4. Main performance index and technical parameters are introduced for the power car bogie for "China Star" high speed EMU. Detailed statement is done to the drive & braking unit, axle box, traction device, wheelset, frame and primary & secondary suspensions.
    介绍了 “中华之星”电动车组动力车转向架的主要性能指标和技术参数,并从驱动制动单元、轴箱、牵引装置、轮对、构架及一、二系悬挂等方面进行了详细阐述。
  5. Dynamics simulation and line tests are integrated to research the influence of the primary suspension stiffness of the axle box rubber pad on the motion stability of Bogie Zhuan K6.

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