axle assembly

  • 车轴总成

axle assembly的用法和样例:


  1. The first axle housing type is a unitized carrier construction, commonly referred to as a Salisbury or Spicer type axle assembly.
  2. The 4WD 70HP front axle assembly is of the advanced structure. It is compact and concise.It has been widely applied in the medium size tractors.
    4WD 70HP拖拉机前桥总成结构先进、紧凑简便,广泛应用于中型拖拉机上。
  3. Time standards for NKR front axle assembly line,JAP,is reset based on MODAPTS, and time unit is reduced,and capability of the line is induced.
  4. Aiming at laggard and low automatization degree of clearance measure method on axial assembly clearance between half shaft assembly and rear axle housing in automotive rear axle assembly, a new type clearanceometer was developed.
  5. ZF Lemforder Automotive Systems (Shenyang) Co., Ltd., German-owned subsidiary of the chassis components and system division of ZF, is an axle assembly plant for BMW Group in Shenyang.
  6. The products include front and rear axle assembly, transmission assembly, brake assembly, track and saddle assembly and chassis and so on, altogether more than 1000 kinds of parts.

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