axis force

  • 轴力

axis force的用法和样例:


  1. The axis force of the Cuneiform pull clamp is decided by the three kinds of action . and the axiality is not the important action. and bring forward the logical project.
  2. At first, The letterpress is expatiate on the actuality and develop of cuneiform pull clamp by the angle, the electric clamp and the original axis force.
  3. According to the outcomes,the maximum absolute acceleration of the mass layer may decrease by 86.6% due to the SMA-rolling bearing,the overturn force can be cut by 72.9% and the axis force can be reduced by 87.2%.
  4. Results indicates that designing cooling circumfluence hole in reason can ensure safely inner temperature,adjusting front and behind sealing rings' size can balance rotor's axis force.
  5. A mechanics model is presented in this paper which explains the combinative action of bending moment, shearing force and axis force, and some related calculation formulas are hereby deduced.
  6. During the primary design of frames, the section sizes are estimated according to the beam span and the axis force bearded by column, but the structural anti-side stiffness will not be the maximum.
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