appearance time

  • 出峰时间

appearance time的用法和样例:


  1. This kind of new method can advance the appearance time for semilog straight-line portion, and shorten shut-in time.
  2. The appearance time of abnormal value for CK-MBmass,CK-MB activity and CK activity was 30~45, 30~60 and 45~90min respectively.
    出现异常值时间CK-MBm ass、CK-MB活性、CK活性分别为(30~45)m in、(30~60)m in、(45~90)m in。
  3. To remember, a lesson would appear time after time until you learnt. It just need more patience only.
  4. Through numerical simulation,the influence for worm control of anti worm appearance time and the anti polices is analyzed.
  5. While he is already 39, an old age for any athelte, he still has a stable performace that makes it appear time seem have no effect on him.
  6. The main meteorological factors that affected locust ovum overwintering were the appearance time of first cold wave in the autumn and winter temperature.
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