aom q-switched fiber laser

  • 声光调Q光纤激光器

AOM Q-switched fiber laser的用法和样例:


  1. In linear cavity AOM is employed as the Q switching.
    在Littrow结构的体光栅与二向色镜构成的线形腔结构中 ;利用声光Q开关 (AQM)调Q ;在 10 64nm得到了光谱线宽约为 0 .;0 8nm稳定的激光脉冲序列
  2. Starting from theory,the stable effect of ARR in passively Q switched laser was analyzed.
    本文从理论出发 ;分析抗共振环 (Anti- Resonant Ring- ARR)稳定调 Q激光脉冲的作用 .
  3. Satisfactory results are obtained in the patients with nevus of Ota treated with Q switched ruby laser.
  4. In this paper, 16 patients with nevus of Ota treated with Q Switched ND:YAG laser are reported.
  5. Purpose To find out the appropriate treatment interval in Q switched Alexandrite laser therapy of Nevus of Ota.
    目的 探讨调QAlexandrite激光对太田痣的合理治疗间隔时间。
  6. Hybrid Q-switched Yb 3+ doped double clad fiber laser was studied using AOM and SBS of double clad fiber.
    利用双包层光纤中的受激布里渊散射和声光调Q器件 ;对掺Yb3 + 双包层光纤激光器进行了混合调Q的实验研究 .

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