• abbr. =Ancient Order of Hibernians 古代爱尔兰制度;Aviator's Oxygen Helmet 飞行员供氧气罩



  1. LL: aOh, that's- not too - WHAT? OUR future plans? Are you serious?
  2. Aim: To study the mechanism of esophageal cancer induced by alternariol (AOH).
  3. The gold and silver absorbed on the resin can be guantitatively eluted by the solution of N aCN N aOH and buffer solution of H 3BO 3 -NaOH with solution of Na 2 S 2O 3. The gold and silver have been separated.
    负载金银的树脂可分别用NaCN-NaOH 溶液和Na2S2O3 的H3BO3-NaOH 缓冲溶液定量洗脱,达到了一定程度的金银分离
  4. Results The retina was swelling and the thickness of retina inner layer was improved under different AOH, and the number of ganglion cells in GCL was decreased after the perfusion stopped.
    结果 与对照组相比,各实验组大鼠视网膜呈不同程度水肿样改变,其内层厚度增加,神经节细胞数目明显减少;
  5. aOh, what a surprise!
    啊! 多么令人惊奇呀!
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