• 抗酸药



  1. The antiacid ability is improved greatly when DCPD hydrolyzes in 1% CeCl3 solution.
    经 1%25CeCl3溶液单独处理后的DCPD的抗酸能力已有显著提高。
  2. Age, period of mechanical ventilator, nasogastric feeding, use of antiacid and antibiotics were related to the development with VAP.
  3. ABSTRACT OBJECTIVE:To objectively evaluate the current situation of the use of antiacid and peptic ulcer drugs in this hospital.
    摘要: 目的:客观评估我院药物抗酸药及治疗消化性溃疡病药物的应用现状。
  4. The obtained solid base catalyst, which possessed huge specific surface area and good antiacid and waterproof performance, had excellent application prospect.
  5. OBJECTIVE: To understand the trend of application of antiacids and other drugs for peptic ulcer, so as to pro-vide the information for rational clinical use of these kinds of drugs .
  6. After antiacid and antimicrobial treatments tte ADU group was reexamin-ed, the gastrin levels of 23 cases with H. pylori eradication were reduced to normals but the levels of remainder 7 cases with HPUT-positive had 110 significant reduction.
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