al-cu melt

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Al-Cu melt的用法和样例:


  1. With the increasing of Si content, the age hardening response of Al Cu Si ternary alloys is accelerated.
    随着含Si量增加 ,Al Cu Si合金的时效硬化过程加快 ;
  2. Based on Al Cu Fe and Al Fe V Si alloys, the Al Fe Cu V Si Ni Ce Zr alloy has been prepared by the optimization design of chemical compositions.
    以Al?Cu?Fe 和Al?Fe?V?Si 两个合金系为基础, 对合金成分进行了优化设计, 组成了Al?Fe?Cu?V?Si?Ni?Ce?Zr 合金。
  3. The strengthening mechanism of Zn Al Cu pseudo alloy coating and relationship among hardness,aging temperature and time are studied by SEM,XRD,EDX and hardness test.
    利用扫描电镜(SEM )、X射线衍射分析 (XRD)、能谱分析 (EDX)和硬度测试等手段 ,对涂层的性能进行了测试 ,分析研究了Zn Al Cu伪合金涂层硬度与时效温度和时效时间的关系 ,并探讨了强化机理。
  4. Small amounts of sample on miligram scale are taken from the fracture surface of a casting Al Cu alloy, and its main constituents are determined by FAAS (for Cu, Mn and Cd) and GFAAS ( for Ti).
  5. The sea seemed to melt into the sky at the horizon.
  6. The chemical symbol for copper is "Cu".

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