al alloys

  • 铝合金

Al alloys的用法和样例:


  1. Scandium-modified Al alloys are a new kind of high performance alloys.
  2. A mixed sulfuric acid boric acid solution was used to prepare the anodized oxide film for Al alloys.
  3. The influence of Sc on the performance of Al alloys is briefly described.The history and current status of the development of AlSc alloys are reviewed.
  4. Scandium in these alloys exhibits obvious grain refining,improved strength and serves to inhibit recrystallization in Al alloys,strengthen welds and eliminate hot cracking from welds.
  5. The spray deposited Al Al(Pb) composite plates with a "band" structure have much higher recrystallization temperature compared with those of conventional Al alloys after 20% rolling deformation.
    喷射沉积成形Al?Al(Pb) 复合板经20 %25 轧制后其回复再结晶温度明显高于普通的Al 合金。
  6. The friction and wear properties of 2 kinds of high strength Zn Al alloys and 3 kinds of Cu alloys are demonstrated. Under different lood and rotative velocity, the friction factor and abrasion wear of the alloys and their coupling samples are given.

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