aggregate query

  • 混合式查询

aggregate query的用法和样例:


  1. The main query does not contain a GROUP BY clause, and is not an aggregate query, or the subquery returns exactly one value.
    主查询不包含GROUP BY子句并且不是汇总查询,或者子查询恰好返回一个值。
  2. To reduce the expensive access to archive data, the characteristics of aggregate data query were analyzed, and the aggregate query language and its rewriting method were proposed.
  3. By understanding the principles of aggregate queries and the Query and View Designer's behavior, you can create logically correct aggregate queries.
  4. Based on randomizing techniques, this paper discussed how the sketch-based approach estimates approximate answers to aggregate queries.
  5. The request dispatching mechanism is responsible for aggregating query string parameters when forwarding or including requests.
  6. HierPrefixCube retains advantages on computation and organization of PrefixCube, and it can directly support aggregate queries on levels of the dimension hierarchy.
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