agent software

  • 代理软件

agent software的用法和样例:


  1. BMC Patrol agent software using the AD Knowledge Module (KM).
    使用AD知识模块(KM)的BMC Patrol代理软件。
  2. An agent site is a logical name for a workstation where agent software is installed.
  3. If Agent software installation is needed,they get a tempora) ry password from the NT administration Group.
    如果需要安装代理软件,?他们从NT 管理组获得一个临时的口令,这个步骤是否会正常工作?
  4. Recommend the use of agent software, visit the site. Be possible to use a proxy site showed abnormal.
  5. I would like to know if the agent software can be removed froma managed node without using the GUI (Graphical User Interface)?
    我希望知道? 欠窨梢栽诓辉诵蠫UI(图形用户界面)的情况下删除管理结点上的代理软件?
  6. At Singapore Software Centre (SSC), we used the Cause-Effect (CE) Technique to derive our test cases for sub-system testing of Network Management Agent software for Cellular Networks.

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