aged seeds

  • 老化种子

Aged seeds的用法和样例:


  1. Therefore, the germination rate of artificially aged seeds can be used correlation as an indicator for the prediction of seed vigor of Chinese kale.
  2. The results show that the non?aged seed has a higher vigor than the aged seed was low. The results corresponded to the germination rate in the field.
  3. DNA bands amplified by primer S208 were clear and bright. It could be concluded that genomic DNA extracted directly from the dry artificial aged seeds of flowering Chinese cabbage could be used for RAPD analysis.
    引物S2 0 8扩增所获得的基因组DNA指纹图谱上的DNA带清晰、明亮 ,从而表明利用本方法从人工老化菜心干种子中直接提取的基因组DNA完全可以用于RAPD分析。
  4. The effect of La(NO 3) 3 on natural aged or artificial aged seed vigor of rice was studied. The results show that the germination rate, germination index and vigor index of aged seed of rice increase with La(NO 3) 3 treatments.
    自然和人工老化的水稻种子经La(NO3) 3 处理后 ,发芽率、发芽指数、活力指数都有明显提高 ,呼吸作用增强 ;
  5. The methods to improve the sprouting rate of aged seeds of cucumber
  6. The drainage system has been aged.

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