Aeolian red clay and loess

  • 风尘红黏土-黄土

Aeolian red clay and loess的用法和样例:


  1. The distribution patterns of rare earth elements and trace elements indicate the similarity of eolian origin between the red clay and Quaternary loess and paleosols.
    稀土元素以及微量元素分布形式揭示出红粘土与第四纪黄土 -古土壤风成成因的相似性。
  2. In the profile,the strata can be divided from the bottom upwards into fluvial sandy gravel,horizontally vermiculated ferruginous red soil,vertically vermiculated red soil,red clay and eolian Xiashu loess,3.3m,4.5m,5.9m,3.6m and 4?1m thick respectively.
  3. A Turkish tobacco pipe with a long stem and a red clay bowl.
  4. However, progress is also being made in extending the record down below the loess of the CLP into the so|called Red Clay, so that the aeolian record can now be carried back beyond 7Ma.
    而近年来对黄土古土壤序列之下的红粘土的进一步研究显示风成堆积的开始比原先认为的要早的多 ,至少可追溯到约 7Ma。

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