AE Signal

  • 声发射信号

AE Signal的用法和样例:


  1. The AE signal will be stronger when H >0.5, and it is weaker when H <0.5. On the basis of this character of Hurst index, the Kaiser point can be determined correctly by calculating the Hurst index of AE signal curve.
    H <0 .
  2. According to the intensity and change of AE signal,the service situation of the operated pressure vessels can be evaluated,and therewith the service fifetime of which can be quantitative estimated.
  3. This article describe s the use of the artificial neural netw ork technology to study the service qual i ty of AE signal’s recognition and AE sou rce pattern’s classification for the sphe re vessel.
    利用人工神经网络技术 ,对球形容器声发射检测信号进行有效性识别及源模式分类研究。通过对所得典型实验数据进行有效性分析。
  4. Tests show that AE signals may be detected from background noises in cutting process, a few hundreds millisecond before tool break down abrupt.
  5. DISP-TRA software program allows the user to perform transient waveform collection and analysis of AE signals as collected from the DISP.
    DISP TRA提供了由软件控制的波形回放、数据处理和同步触发的功能。

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