advantageous industries

  • 优势产业

advantageous industries的用法和样例:


  1. Native economies and advantageous industries have developed rapidly.
  2. Machinery, metallurgy and petrochemistry are the top three advantageous industries in Liaoning.
  3. The city has also diligently developed township enterprises, cultivated domestically famous advantageous industries such as clothing, shoemaking, ceramics, stone carving, slate material, etc.
  4. Efforts will be made to strengthen ecological conservation, develop typical and advantageous industries in various localities, and do a good job in training, using and introducing required professionals.
  5. For the implementation of Western Development Strategy, positive measures must be adopted in adjusting industries and developing advantageous industries and unique regional economy as well as strengthening legal systems.
    实施西部大开发,必须积极采取措施,调整产业结构,发展优势产业和各具特色的区 域经济,同时加强法制建设,保障西部地区产业结构调整顺利进行。
  6. Meanwhile, the industrial structure should be adjusted by developing new companies of advantageous industries for the market.
    同时 ,积极开发优势产业和培育新的上市公司 ,扩大上市公司队伍 ,调整甘肃的产业结构。

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