advancing front algorithm

  • 前沿法

advancing front algorithm的用法和样例:


  1. It presents an algorithm for the finite element mesh generation based on quadtree and advancing front method.
  2. On the basis of that, this paper ameliorates to form an improved method, namely, ameliorated advancing front approach (AAFA) as the algorithm of triangular mesh generation.
  3. Automatic 3D mesh generation research has made much more important progress, and some effective methods have been presented, such as AFT (Advancing Front Technique), Delaunay triangulation algorithm, and Octree algorithm.
    复杂三维实体网格生成技术已取得许多重要进展,涌现出如AFT(Advancing Front Techniques)、DELAUNAY TETRAHEDRALIZATION和OCTREE等四面体网格全自动生成方法。
  4. How to mesh final polyhedron hulls in advancing front method is an inevitable problem in automatic mesh generation for three dimensional domains.
    在利用推进波前法实现三维网格自动生成中 ,在网格生成最后阶段 ,不可避免地遇到波前三角平面找不到相应顶点 ,而导致不能生成新单元的困难。

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