advanced server

  • 高级服务器

advanced server的用法和样例:


  1. The Trusted Advanced Server will look in its own SAM Database.
  2. Limitations are few; on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 Advanced Server, you can use up to 64GB of RAM.
    限制很少;在红帽企业Linux 3高阶服务器身上,你能使用随机存取储存器的达64个亿位元组。
  3. Contains information about advanced server configuration options for optimizing performance under specialized conditions.
  4. The Advanced Server will do pass through authentication. The network logon request will be sent to an Advanced Server in the specified Trusted Domain.
  5. A website of the hospital is setup on the platform of windows 2000 Advanced Server by using such tools as Dream Weaver 4.0/Flash 5.0/Visual Interdev 6.0 and MS SQL 2000 Database.
    方法 :利用遍布全球的Internet及医院现有的人才、技术、设备等优势
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