Advanced Remote Display Station

  • 高级远距离显示站

Advanced Remote Display Station的用法和样例:


  1. As the remote display of the vehicle scale and railway scale.
  2. A security device(often part of a terminal) that reads information(often from a magnetic strip) on a badge inserted in a slot. In this way, it can prevent the unauthorized use of a display station before allowing an operator to sign on.
    一种安全设备(通常是终端的一部分), 它可以读取插入槽中的标记卡上的信息(这些信息往往以磁条码的形式记录在标记卡上)。用这种办法,在允许操作员进入系统前,可以防止对一个显示工作站的非法使用。参阅badge。
  3. In addition, IPDS II is capable of providing audible and visual alarms at a remote location via a remote display unit.
    此外,IPDS II可以通过远程显示单元提供远程的声音和视觉警报。
  4. By means of advanced remote sensing,the distribution and change of ground heat field can be monitored synchronously and continuously.

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