advanced data base system

  • 高级数据库系统

advanced data base system的用法和样例:


  1. Supporting NF 2 and multimedia data base system NFMDB is designed from the relational RDBMS and it is an externed DBMS.
  2. NET and UML technology and runs in support of the Windows2003 operating system and the system the SQL Server2000 data base system.
    NET和UML等技术开发,在Windows2003操作系统和SQL Server2000数据库系统的支持下运行。
  3. In the course of metallogenic prognosis studying of Langshan District,the establishment and use of data base system of multi- ple source information have been approached.
  4. Advanced data bases can store the parsed que ry in memory to offer a perfor mance boost.
    高 级的数据库能够在内存中储存解析好的查询来加速性能。
  5. Using graphical user interface, Visual basic & Visual C++ programming technology and SQL Server data base system, master computer has data capture and displaying, data recording, data printing and dada enquiring functions and after-treatment functions.
    上位机系统采用了图形化用户界面技术,Visual Basic、Visual C++编程技术,SQLServer数据库管理系统,具有实时数据采集和显示、数据记录、数据打印和数据查询等数据处理和后处理功能。

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