advance speed

  • 前进速度

advance speed的用法和样例:


  1. The advance speed of freshet was slowed up and the advance duration was prolonged.
  2. RCTBG could effectively expedite the advance speed of charcoal powder in the small intestine and improve the velocity of intestine.
  3. The spoiling is a key factor influencing the advance speed for the shaft excavation,especially for the excavation of large cross section and deep shaft.
    对于竖井开挖 ,尤其是大断面深竖井开挖 ,出碴这一环节 ,往往是决定掘进速度快慢的关键因素。
  4. This paper gives a one-dimensional,two-phase approximate calculation model for the estimation of the steam front and the advance speed of steam based on the heat balance principle. Based on the one-dimension analyses by N.
  5. Main Functions:Measure the speed of vehicles precisely by advanced speed measurement radar or accurate inductance windings.
  6. No horse has a speed comparable to that of his.
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