adult-onset obesity

  • 成年型肥胖症

adult-onset obesity的用法和样例:


  1. Most have type 2, or adult onset diabetes, in which the body loses its ability to use insulin properly.
  2. We described the first case of hemophagocytosis in adult onset Still's disease (AOSD) in Taiwan.
  3. There was a history of Micronase-treated adult onset diabetes mellitus, and a 5 year history of arterial hypertension, treated with Vasotec.
  4. Patients with type-II or adult onset diabetes produce too little insulin and too much glucose. It can lead to blindness, kidney failure, heart disease, disability and death.
  5. Objective: We previously demonstrated the presence of two different populations among adult onset autoimmune diabetes (LADA) having high or low titre of antibodies to GAD (GADA).
    目的:我们先前表明了存在两个不同的种群,其中成人发病自身免疫性糖尿病(旱地退化评估)具有高或低滴度抗体谷氨酸脱羧酶(谷氨酸脱羧酶抗体) 。
  6. Results 1 patient for childhood onset and 2 patients for adolescent onset with DRD, first symptom showed leg dystonia and toe walking with difficulty, whereas 3 patients of adult onset showed tremor and rigidity.
    结果 1例儿童期、2例少年期起病者 ,首发症状均为下肢肌张力异常、足跟着地困难 ;

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