adsorption mode

  • 吸附模式

adsorption mode的用法和样例:


  1. The results showed that both TU and PTU can be adsorbed on the iron electrode surface and the inhibition of PTU is better than TU in 0 1mol/L KCl solution. The adsorption mode of TU and PTU is similar in the interaction of S atom and iron surface.
  2. Using Glass Fibrin Isolation Board Technology with adsorption mode,gas compounding is reaching 99%. Using green lead calcium alloy for board,so there is no need for water adding maintenance.
  3. The adsorption heat of NO on Ag - ZSM - 5 model cluster with four different modes showed that the most possible adsorption mode was the terminal oxygen of NO coordination with Ag.
  4. Adsorption energy calculations indicated that the stability sequence of adsorption modes was in the order of double-edge(DE)>double-corner (DC)>single-edge-B (SE-B)> single-edge-A (SE-A).
  5. Adsorptive mode of DDSS, DS, and baicalin at glassy carbon electrode was studied, and redox mechanism was suggested by combining UV-spectrum and some techniques of electrochemistry.
  6. Adsorption Mode of Di-dentate Ligand Modified Zirconia Stationary Phase Surface
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