adrenocortical tumor

  • 肾上腺皮质瘤

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  1. Objective To discuss the characteristics,diagnosis,treatment and prognosis of adrenocortical tumor in children.
  2. Two cases had adrenocortical tumor;2 cases renal tubular acidosis, and 16 cases hyperthyroidism in the group.Oral KCL was the treatment of choice.
  3. The results suggested that examinations of SC, UFC and low dose dexamethasone suppression test were very important in the diagnosis of Cushing syndrome. The pACTH level was a key parameter to distinguish Cushing disease from adrenocortical tumor or AINAH.
    结果表明 ,SC和UFC水平升高、激素分泌节律丧失及不受小剂量地塞米松抑制是诊断库欣综合征的最重要依据 ,pACTH水平是鉴别库欣病和肾上腺皮质肿瘤或AINAH的关键性指标
  4. The ACTH levels might be in normal range in many patients with Cushing syndrome, but they were higher in patients with Cushing disease and lower in the patients with adrenocortical tumor or AINAH than those of the high limit at ACTH0am in normal subjects.
    结果显示 ,绝大多数库欣综合征患者SC和UFC(尤其SC 0 :0 0和UFC)水平升高 ;
  5. non-functioning adrenocortical tumor
  6. Fas/Fas-L system and HLA-DR may play an important role in the mechanism of immune escape in adrenocortical tumors.

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