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  1. Macromedia Authorware (now part of Adobe Systems) is an interpreted, flowchart based, graphical programming language.
  2. Contact Adobe Systems Incorporated to determine whether an update is available for Acrobat 7.0.
    与Adobe Systems Incorporated联系以确定是否有可用的Acrobat 7.;0更新。
  3. Adobe Bridge is an organizational program created and released by Adobe Systems as a part of the Adobe Creative Suite.
    Adobe Bridge是Adobe公司开发的一个组织工具程序,并作为Adobe Creative Suite 2(CS2)的一部分于2005年5月发布。
  4. Publish as PDF or XPS: A PostScript-based electronic file format developed by Adobe Systems that preserves document formatting and enables file sharing.
    发布为PDF或XPS:由Adobe Systems开发的基于PostScript的电子文件格式,该格式保留了文档格式并允许共享文件。
  5. It is used to drive an output device, such as a laser printer or image setter. There are a number of PDLs, but the most popular one is the Postscript from Adobe System Inc.
  6. Polishing brick: A kind of shining brick that the surface that opens body adobe system namely passes burnish and becomes, one kind when belong to the brick that open system.

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