admiration to Guan Yu

  • 关羽崇拜

admiration to Guan Yu的用法和样例:


  1. The most magnificent Confucian temple was built in Qufu of Shandong Province while the most splendid temple dedicated to Guan Yu was erected in Xiezhou in Shanxi Province.
  2. On the gilded columns are carved designs of coiling dragons and puffs of clouds. There is a fierce stare in the dragons' eyes, looking as if they were on the point of rising into the air and this lends an air of solemnity to Guan Yu's sculpture.
  3. This is the origin of the Chinese saying, in reference to Guan Yu initially but now to similar cases, shen'zai'cao'ying'xin'zai'han or physically in the Cao camp but at heart yearning to go back to Shuhan.
  4. At the sixteenth hairpin turn one enters a secluded world of luxuriant trees and mysterious caverns where there is the Dragon Spring Temple dedicated to Guan Yu the famous warrior of the Kingdom of Shuhan.

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