administrative way

  • 行政方式

administrative way的用法和样例:


  1. The enactment in article 26 of Electric Power Regulation Act ,which avails administrative way to settle civil matter, violates principles of law, so we suggest the enactment be rectified.
  2. After Russia disintegrate, russia oil industry is rapid and complete change demesne, changed the form of system of ownership of its Petroleum Company and administrative way greatly.
  3. Administration directing is an important administrated way in the modern market economic countries .
  4. Chapter three interposes content, collection and administration way and studies the experience of western country.
  5. The tradition administration way already is in an embarrassing situation , new administration way improves and perfects not yet.
    传统的管理办法已处于尴尬的局面 , 新的管理办法尚未完善。
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