Administrative Liability Fixation

  • 行政归责

Administrative Liability Fixation的用法和样例:


  1. The docrtine of liability fixation about the first infringer of intellectual property right`s civil liablility has always been the focus of discussion in theory field.
  2. Based on the degree of seriousness of insider trading, the liability of it has three forms: civil liability, administrative liability and criminal liability.
  3. This kind of torts is quite different from other types in terms of the subject and the object of the tort, the principle of liability fixation, the form element and the relief form.
  4. In the aspect of liability- assume form,there are not only civil liability, but also criminal and administrative liability have been introduced to Consumer EFT legal system, which is an important guarantee to the development of Consumer EFT.
    在承担责任形式方面,Consumer EFT所涉及的责任不仅拘泥于民事责任。 刑事责任和行政责任也已经引入了仅见Consumer EFT的责任体系。

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